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Misfits & Bangers - The Mixtape

by FMG

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Mixtape release date: (October 31st)
Album release date: (December 10th)


released October 31, 2013


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



FMG Atlanta, Georgia

The ground-breaking new group, comprised of artists Jeremaya, Sean Grant, Sincere, Allei, Miles Austin, Lauren Amadi, and Christy Love is on a mission to change the music industry for God. The group has a passion for making face-crunching, un-skippable music that sets you free. ... more

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Track Name: Look to the Sky
Stand and pose
Look below
They need heros
Here we go
Went to the booth
Change our clothes
Not for the money
Won’t sell our souls
Power from Christ
Broke the mode
We see change
like a highway toll
Fight the good fight
Toe to toe
Go against bad
We already know
Fighting greed
Content with dough
Killin pride
Like a hit and go
Love is fresh
Lust is old
Hating on others
Is not the goal
Like the rock
Know your role
Being humble
Make us get low
They try to flex
Its just for show
Like Jay-Z
Friend or Foe
Do evil
Reap what you sow
Getting revenge
We pass that road
Shining light
You got exposed
Some our powers
Is just a glow
Having faith
Being bold
Being obedient
To want is told
Spitting from my mouth
Like a cold
Hitting our target


Miles Austin:

Since the beginning of time been doing it from the womb
From the ground to the garden to the cross to tomb
Superhero in my eyes sidekick in my heart
Been clippin & checking demons yeah straight from the start
No need to argue with me been doing it for years
Training was in the struggle, preparation in the tears.
& now the kid stands tall, I’m something like Shawn Bradley
Enemy throwing heat, but sorry you never had me.
They hearing the talking they thinking its me
On the contrary bruh this is what I will be
A vessel for God in the midst of the tree
Turned over a leaf but it costed a fee
So this what I’ll do, stand in the gap cause I know how you do. i’ll pray for you.
Forgive them lord, they owe it to you. Been saving lives since a.d 2


Sean Grant:

Up up and away
No touching the cape
Whose tougher than me?
who wanna to get roughed up
mushed in the face
I dont really wanna
huff huff puff them away
but I really wanna
just tuck them away
lock em up in a safe
Put em up in the cave
Im acting up
you acting up
so Whats it gonna be?
anybody questioning our hunger
We should do lunch
That’s why we ridin flows like We hawaiian
And We do punch
And We use them
And I am bout to lose them
And I am bout to lose my mind!
Excuse me I get super duper stupid with the euphemisms you can loosen up the noose a bit if it gets too restrictive
Im tired of fooling with these super Christians
We’ll wash His feet
and you can do the dishes
lets go


Track Name: Potty Mouth
Let it go
No beef
Work it out
party hard
My squad
Kills flows
Rap attack
Marly marl
Copy that
No joke
Hardy har
We’ll be spiking versus with the scriptures till you buy the bar
Hidden roof
And candy paint
Starving kids
Ask how it tastes
We for life
If its living
Don’t eliminate
Quit the politicking
No opinions
It written
Forget them
Good riddens
Get it while the good is getting
Cause Christ the only thing we talking bout
If they can’t walk with him
They can walk it out
We so Cole we get kicked up out of martins crib
Ignint acting ain’t as funny with no audience
So if ever fix your mouth to sin
Like polident
Wash it out with soap
And never think that thought again
And if you fix your lips to say we not the hottest out
Rince with listerine
And flush it out your potty mouth
Track Name: This is for Everybody
Track Name: Winning
Miles Austin:

Winner The Champ the best we are all of them
Cause we abandoned left to go right & not follow them
Sobriety Test I’m walking a thin line
He tried to Add the sex & drugs but couldn’t subtract my mind
They all wanted me dead so I just chilled in the cut
Then I transformed like best friends with Shia Labeouf
See I been a winner I ain’t even firing
Church x God I’m a product of my environment


Sean Grant:

We gon step inside cause its feeling like our night

and haters might try but they’ll never kill our vibe, why?

Cause we

winning, we winning in here (x4)


This is that new new
We make hits Youtube
Overcome the butterflies
Rocky three tiger eyes
Swim in wins synchronize
Trailblazers like clyde
Winners straight devour
In The Black Howard
Using his power
Winning Today
Matt Lauer
Kiss the game goodbye
Spin the bottle
Losing is rivals
Keep winning titles
Married to the wins
Like I do


Hey my name is sincere finally living sin clear took a couple years and tears to kill my mic fear so now that I’m up in here first drop kill shot and of fmgs with me its gon sound hot ain’t nothing to worry bout creme deli creme dudes yall spit we hauck and ha choooo highly blessed and knowing that we conquer ova sin so l loss what I don’t know what that is yo I’m winning in here im winning in here and man i’m feeling like a champ again and again and everybody talks but u know what it is I’m a winner man go head and killem kid


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